Christian Meditation Is Like a Shower of the Mind

Every morning, usually before sunrise, I walk to a comfortable, crowded green chair in the corner of the room, a place of meditation. One morning it’s cold and I want to hide under a blanket, but I definitely go to a chair, light a candle, wrap it in a blanket, turn on a timer, and close my eyes. For the next 30 minutes, I was completely absorbed in the Word of God and the presence of God.
To me, Christian meditation is like a daily shower in my mind. This is where I can resolve the appearance of fear, anxiety, tension or negative or toxic feelings of staying close. During meditation, I let go of all my worries about the Lord and allow them to decline in His light, spirit, and love. Losing my meditation practice every day means that my flesh has won my spirit and is now on the throne. The way we start the day is often said to be the way we end the day.
My meditation practice is to slowly meditate on the Bible and inspirational texts. I call it biblical meditation. I look back on Psalm 23, the Lord’s Prayer, the chapter of love, the Beatitudes, and other scriptures that God has in my heart. I begin each meditation session with the following prayer, which is a slightly modified version of Psalm Psalm 19 by Nan Merrill. Visit:-

Read as follows:

But who can identify his own weaknesses? Lord, cleanse me from all my hidden mistakes. Act bravely like me. My fears and illusions do not rule me! Then I will be benevolent and free and completely entrusted to your love. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart find grace in your heart. My dear one, my power and joy! “”

During meditation, I slowly look at the Bible in my heart, and as I do so, I become more and more immersed in God’s peace, tranquility, and presence. Every time my heart wanders in thought, fear, and anxiety, I pay attention to the passages of the Bible and keep in mind the Lord. The Bible says, “You remain completely peaceful and the idea is with you.”

Jesus says in the Bible that we will be what we think and meditate on. Through meditation, we hide the word of God in our hearts, begin to take root in the words planted, and harvest godly fruit. Every time we return our wandering thoughts to the passage of the Bible, it is the same as pulling the weeds we want to invade our spiritual garden.
The benefits of meditation are usually not realized in actual practice, but living before God is certainly an additional reward. The true benefit of Christian meditation is when we find ourselves more affectionate, kind, patient and compassionate, or when we suppress our fears and worries of stealing our peace and joy. It will be realized throughout our day. We do the same in our daily work, just as we divert our attention to meditation. Through meditation, we learn that we can choose what we forgive in our hearts. We can choose what allows us to govern ourselves. Meditation allows us to “enhance God’s knowledge and overturn all thoughts and imaginations that capture all thoughts in obedience to Christ.”
Paul said he was a slave to everything that allowed us to rule. Too many Christians are dominated by their swaying hearts. It’s like watching a TV commercial that we say is Mrs. Smith Cherry Pie and we run it and buy, our fetal mind dominates most of us. It stays in bed and says it stays in bed. It says you are depressed and we are depressed. It sins and we sin. He says: Don’t forgive, and we’re sorry. Christian meditation gives us the opportunity to become slaves of righteousness, keeping God hidden in our hearts and replacing the voices of illusion and deception. Through Christ-centered meditation, we also experience a deeper connection with God. As our practice of meditation deepens, we become more capable of knowing God, hearing His voice, and experiencing God in new and realistic ways.
Jacob 4: 8 says, “Get closer to God, and God will come closer to you. Wash your hands, be a sinner, and cleanse your heart. You have a double heart. Is declared. Christian meditation makes it possible to cleanse the spiritual stains and debris we collect every day. It helps us break down the states, patterns and lies of the world, cleanse and purify every day and start around Christ.
Some people don’t think they missed a morning shower or bath. I know people who spend at least 30 minutes in the shower or until the water cools. Then they spend another two hours putting on makeup and combing their hair. They didn’t dare to leave the house until their appearances were completely together. But how important is it for us to purify ourselves in the pollution of the world? If you silently lose this time, awe of God means that you have to endure these mental and emotional burdens for another 24 hours, or until you decide to meditate. ..

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