Designing A New Hangout With An Electric-Vehicle Charging Station

Everyone seemed to be looking for peace and calm during the 2 years of anxiety, death and loneliness caused by the Covid epidemic. They could use the time to complete their knitting or reading. They could also take up other hobbies, or even indulge in TikTok.

In spite of all this it was not a problem that new technology was being created.

Reflection: Before the year 2020 There was a lot of discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how robots could take the jobs of humans. It was anticipated to see major disruptions to the workplace and autonomous vehicles would be commonplace in the future society.

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The world is moving forward. We are slowly moving back to the concept of electric vehicles as well as the construction of charging infrastructure. The reason is simple. It’s as simple as. If it’s hard to charge electric vehicles, sales won’t rise and prices will go up. This means fewer purchases.

This article will provide fresh perspectives. I hope to merge the idea of charging stations with the environment’s sustainability.

As countries push for electric vehicles, more designers are proposing the possibility of studying how charging stations that are electric could be viewed as the newest spots to go to in the coming 10 years. It was not something I made up on a whim.

My suggestion is to create circular charging stations and allow motorists to mix. The designer can then put various vending machines and outdoor plants to provide more peace and tranquility to the surrounding.

The circular shape can be used to create a convenience store, or deli, which could prove beneficial if constructed within a huge condominium project.

This paradise is an enchanting and hidden oasis that is similar as “forest bathing”. It is a great way to nourish the soul and heal earth.

It’s possible to spread mental health and be considerate in the field of architecture. We must always find new methods of “softening” the effects of new technology because we need not feel that technological innovation and sustainability need not be seen as two distinct choices. Both are able to coexist as a middle ground.

It is still possible to make use of more solar power to charge electric cars, that will take some time.

Sustainable architecture should not be a last resort rather, it should be an integral part of life.

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