Keep Southern Cameroon Captive

Once a place with peace and security in Africa My homeland of Southern Cameroons is currently going through agonizing pains that are more severe then those of the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

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Our people are in fact being killed like insects. More than two years have gone without a trace and I’m convinced that both there is no sign of any change in the situation. UN and AU haven’t demonstrated any genuine commitment to mediate in this threatening situation. It is recognized that France is the one pulling strings to keep our nation, stuffed with vast natural resources and abundant human capital held captive.

In the current circumstances it is not wise for Grand Masters to stroll through the halls in the Unity palace as well as dine, or give praise to an president who is dormant and suspect; a person who, since the onset to the crisis currently in has not been able to handle the sheep. This crisis , which has gradually turned into an unrest is not an internal issue. It’s more of an international security and peace threat due to the fact that Cameroonian citizens across the world and Africans of goodwill are affected. This is no longer an internal matter as Cameroon’s government is in violation of the international Declaration of Human Rights in all aspects.

What can we do? We urgently need a cease-fires from both sides. I condemn with vehementity the armed robbers and bandits who profit from the situation to rob and intimidate peaceful civilians. A peaceful resolution will only be achieved through the mediation of a third-party because citizens of Southern Cameroons has lost faith entirely within their Biya regime. Given the lack of trust and aloofness of AU and the UN and the UN, the USA is in a position to be a mediator in this moment. In addition, the situation that concerns Southern Cameroons has been a topic of discussion on Capitol Hill with sufficient evidence of uncounted human rights violations and the oppression of the inhabitants from Southern Cameroons. As the situation worsens every day, could you imagine that the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress reconsider the situation of the Southern Cameroons? Sincerely, can my contacts in the US provide suggestions on how that we could do to convince the US to join in the bloody conflict? Do the inhabitants of Southern Cameroons less humane than those who live in Libya, North Korea or Syria? Help us, as our people are dying!

Let us pray! God has not gone to sleep. He is seated on the throne and in the end , He will reign as King and judge But before the day arrives, we must pledge us now and in the future to fight for justice as well as peace and equality.

“African politicians must learn to retire at a minimum age of 70 years, but rather we have packed old men in our leadership, how could we move forward? Some are even above 80 years and still ruling.” (Kofi Annan)


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