Medical Marijuana Dispensary Worried

US Deputy Attorney General James Cole has issued a new memorandum of understanding for owners of medical marijuana pharmacies. President Obama’s Justice Department has issued a new memorandum that will definitely affect all 16 medical marijuana states.
The Obama administration has previously stated that it will not use the Justice Department’s resources to prosecute medical marijuana patients and caregivers. US lawyer Dan Ogden has issued a memorandum stating that the Obama administration does not want to use valuable resources to target patients with marijuana and those who comply with state law.
The US Department of Justice has reversed its position by prosecuting medical marijuana patients and pharmacies. This amazing turnaround is confusing medical marijuana patients and pharmacies. The minimum sentence under the federal system is a mandatory five-year imprisonment.
Under Dan Ogden’s previous memo, marijuana recipes flourished. In Colorado, pharmacies opened at an alarming rate. Prior to Ogden’s memo, there were only 12 marijuana pharmacies in Colorado. After Ogden’s memo, the number of pharmacies in Colorado has increased to more than 800. Visit:-
Medical marijuana patients and pharmacy owners feel betrayed by President Obama’s new position on medical marijuana. In a 2008 election campaign, Obama personally stated that he would not use the Department of Justice to target patients with medical marijuana and their caregivers as long as they comply with state law. The marijuana community is currently being attacked and panicked.
The owner of the marijuana pharmacy is currently in Code Red Alert. The federal government has closed them at all times. They organize with patients for possible protests and raids in any federal agency. These plans include the emergence of patients during plaque attacks to draw attention to this new policy. For law enforcement experience, we recommend contacting local media, television stations, radio stations, and videotapes.
Does it have any benefit? You only know the time, but it’s better than staying under the radar and waiting for things to change. The medical marijuana movement has to fight every time and they aren’t going to stop now. The only way to get a foothold is to open this new position to the public.
Pharmacy owners are trying to get the government out of the patient’s shelves. They face serious consequences by continuing to care for their patients. Without a doubt, there are several pharmacy owners who close the store. However, there will be people who face challenges and open up and expand their current businesses.
For now, pharmacy owners have been warned to be unobtrusive. This means that neon signs will be turned off and newspaper ads will be stopped. Good luck to the brave marijuana owners who chose to keep them open.

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