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Crosswords, crosswords and math games, as well as memory or other visual games, are very popular among players all over the globe on various platforms. All these games, including Brain Age for Nintendo DS, Brain Challenge on iPhone,’s online platform, and Brain Buddies on Facebook, train your brain in a fun, engaging way.

You can keep your brain fit by using mental training through small games. Mental stimulation is essential for the brain to remain healthy and fit. Research has shown that simple math calculations and reading aloud are effective ways to increase your mental abilities. Training is essential for the human brain. Many people don’t have the time or desire to go back to school to do simple calculations again. Brain games are a fun and valuable alternative to returning to school.

To be fair, the mental training is secondary to playing a great brain-game. These games are fun and addictive. These games are great for challenging your friends and showing them how smart you are. A high score in your favorite video game is a great way to prove your knowledge.

Many games allow you to choose which categories you want to compete in in mini games. You can choose from visual, memorize or math calculations categories. Visual games require you to choose or order the correct patterns based on the size, shape or color of the objects. The mechanics of memory games are similar to the classic game that you played as a child. You have to remember the location of objects and sometimes the sequence. Many calculator games have a beautiful game design, or a goal that the player can relate to (e.g. balancing a scale). Logical games are about finding the right pattern, matching the items and solving small puzzles. Many games offer word-related games such as crossword puzzles or scrabble games. Visit:-

Although they are less serious than those in other networks’, social brain games on Facebook offer similar mental training. Social networks like Facebook allow you to use this platform in a very unique way. They offer a challenge with your friends and also allow for comparisons of your brain size.

To increase retention, the best way to get the game and its players is to compete with your friends. According to a survey of online gamers, the best incentive to get players back into the game is the challenge with your friend. Facebook has many examples of mind games that have had a large number of players over a long period of time. The game’s fans come together to devise new strategies and create communities that can host their own tournaments and ranking.

Social brain games have a low retention rate, which means that many new subscribers will leave the site after only a few months. There are many brain game players who will continue to play it for years and still enjoy the game. However, statistics websites such as show that the majority of users will abandon the social games within a short time.

Two reasons can be identified. The first is that some users are scared off by brain-game game design. This type of game mechanics isn’t appealing to most people. They don’t want to dive into the gameplay and discover the fun parts.

A second reason is that many of them contain different mini games. These mini games are enjoyed by the majority of players, but some may become bored. Other social games allow for endless gameplay (FarmVille), or players can improve their skills in a particular game mechanic (Bejeweled). Brain games require that the player master multiple types of mini games so that they are not able to focus on just one type.

There are a few things you can do to combat the decline in users. Popular games such as Zuma Blitz and Tetris Battle have proven that a weekly challenge can be a great way to keep players loyal. Players get an incentive to play the same game over and over again in order to be the first among their friends by resetting the scores every week. These methods could also be used on Facebook for brain games. Many social games offer a ranking system that allows you to rank by country or worldwide. This mechanic can be implemented correctly (anti-cheat protection), and challenges can easily be set up. This will allow the game to retain its players for a longer period of time.

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