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What is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?Yes ! It’s exactly what you’re thinking, it vacuums. Unlike your conventional vacuum cleaner, this one is slightly distinctive… well it’s intelligent. We’re not talking about artificial intelligence (AI) or anything similar to this. It just does what you ask it to do, when you’d like it to do it without you having to control it or drag it around.

A robot vacuum cleaner will clean your carpet and hard floors , and store the dirt in a catcher that can be cleaned now and then. After it is done cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner sits down on its docking station , or speaks to inform you that it has completed cleaning. Not bad huh! visit>>>

What does it look like?
Size matters
Most robot vacuum cleaners , such as Roomba as well as Infinuvo Cleanmate are round and stand at about 3-4 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter…

The shell…
On the top of the device, you’ll find your control panel. Some models have just one or two buttons, while some have many and some have an LCD screen. That’s pretty cool !
On the front side of the unit is an oblong-shaped spring-loaded as well as a soft touch bumper, depending on the manufacturer and model. The bumper acts as a sensor for obstacles (walls furniture, walls, etc. ).

The belly of the beast…
The robot vacuum has 3 wheels and is outfitted with one or more brushes depending on the model. There is also many sci-fi sensors that offer your pet with a bit of intelligence. Sensors are used to spot steps or any other obstacle.

What is a robot? vacuum cleaner function?
Initially the robot sits quietly on its docking station which most of them have. Make sure you set the robot and the docking station in a space that is open. Avoid cramped closets and other areas since they create a lot of difficulty for your robot vacuum cleaner to navigate away and back to the docking station.

The docking station has one major function, which is to recharge the batteries the interval between clean cycles. How does the robot find its way back to the station, you may ask? Good question.

The station casts an illumination beam that extends to the distance of approximately 6 feet in a “V” shape which serves as beacon. During the cleaning cycle If the robot detects the light beam it will steer clear of the docking station. When the cycle is finished or the battery has been exhausted it uses the light beam to happily go back toward its docking location. Users of robots with no docking station can connect their vacuum with an outlet for charging with the power supply unit provided by the robot.

On the dates and times, the robotic vacuum cleaner will leave the building to work. It will not return until the cleaning cycle is complete or its battery runs low. If there is the battery running low prior to completing the cleaning process, the robot will abort the cleaning procedure and make its way back to its station. The schedule is stored into the robot’s program memory. A simple button sequence allows you to choose your desired schedule.

Finding its way around: Navigation
There is no need to be seated as your robot vacuum completes the cleaning process. The robot’s navigation is based on an integrated technology which gives them four to five cleaning modes. As an example, the robot vacuum cleaner is able to use a circle or spiral shape pattern to cover the area. Other ways include following walls to the center of the room, zigzaggingaround, crossing diagonally, and much more. It’s all part of the robot’s intelligence!

Vacuum or no-vacuum areas you are asking? This Roomba vacuum cleaner can get some assistance by virtual walls or lighthouses. Virtual walls can be found in certain models, and are available separately. The unit releases an infrared beam of light that is used as a gate or virtual wall. When an Robot Vacuum senses the light signal, it alters its direction to avoid the area.

Lighthouses also have an infrared light beam like the virtual wall. However, it is are also equipped with radio-frequency technology developed to assist your robot vacuum cleaner auto-position itself and improve cleaning efficiency. Basically, lighthouses are beacon-like devices that allow the robot to auto-position and guide it back to the docking station just like ships on the coast use lighthouses in order to avoid collisions with rocks on the coastline and safely to their port. But, robot vacuums have the advantage of ships. They aren’t able to sink! Unless you happen to have an in-ground pool that is within your living space!

Infinuvo CleanMate vacuums made by Metapo just rely on its ability to navigate since lighthouses and walls virtualized are available.

What are its limitations?
Let’s start by discussing what a robot vacuum absolutely not accomplish for you. For instance, robot vacuum cleaners do not function as moderators or get involved in office or house disagreements, but they could aid by removing the chore of vacuum cleaning! They could enhance you social lives in many ways. Consider impressing the guests with your robot vacuum cleaner scheduling a cleaning cycle while you are sharing beverages and snacks.

Here are some key limitations:

  • These nifty machines cannot operate well beyond a 30 to 35 degree slope, but they should be able to work on floors that are level.
  • They’re not able of vacuuming stairs.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner light sensors are not able to work on dark surfaces due to the light can reflect.

Keep in mind that robot vacuum cleaners are designed for vacuuming carpets and floors. They’re not designed to wash floors. A floor washing robot called Scooba is already designed specifically for the purpose. It is not recommended to use a floor cleaning robot on hardwood floors with no seal or laminates.

Robot vacuum cleaners that do a great job of removing dirt, but bear in mind that they aren’t benefited from a peripheral vision like us. So, you may find missed particles on rare occasions… However, do not be a slave to your faithful vacuum cleaner, it’s at its best!

How can I buy an Robot vacuum?
Here! Yes! We have lots to say about robotic vacuum cleaners is because of our five wonderful years of working with these wonderful machines. We have a variety of models, from the most basic to the fully loaded and souped-up.

How do you feel about maintenance? We’re glad you have asked! We operate a robot vacuum cleaner service that specializes in maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs on these cool little machines. With this knowledge that we have, we have decided to go one step further by offering you a five-year guarantee for a limited time with Roomba robot vacuum cleaners.

We’re RobotShop as the world’s leading source for Professional and Domestic Robot Technology. Check us out on the web by visiting (or If you’re already aware of them, and may even own one but want to be aware of more information, check out these articles brought through the identical writer:

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