Selling cheap used inverters with warranty to buy new old inverters

Inverters for sale at a bargain, liquidation well tan cuof reputation and accountability

      • Abientan guarantees that the cost of their inexpensive used inverters is inexpensive, and easy to purchase and sell based on the brand new and old of the product, there are a variety of prices for the product you

    biến tần cũ

    want to purchase and sell.

  • Friendly technical support prior to and after the sale, including instructions for installation, wiring, maintenance, and warranty for customers. If required, we connect all the wires for you, all you have to do is to turn on the inverter for it for you to utilize it. For specific applications we will provide you with a dedicated support for the duration of.
  • Inverter warranty for older models in accordance with the agreed time Free repair support until the warranty is over Only charge to replace parts.
  • Solutions for consulting on selling and buying used inverters that can help reduce the cost for customers, while also ensuring the long-term stability of the machines.
  • This source for inexpensive used inverters to liquidate is thoroughly examined and tested prior to trading, ensuring that buyers feel safe in buying and selling. You can test the item at our office or, if you live from us, we can ask to record a test video prior to delivery. Make sure that the product is authentic and unrepaired to avoid the possibility that certain places of sale were repaired using lower costs, but then damaged during usage.

Selling and buying used inverters at a premium price

To meet the requirements of the older inverter market, abientan is willing to purchase and sell new and old inverters should you wish to sell these items Please refer to the following information:

  • Send us detailed photos with the condition, inverter’s number and address to zalo. send us an email.
  • If we have received your old inverter details, we’ll be in touch to discuss exchange of additional information that is required to complete the transaction.
  • Discuss the cost and delivery method, the payment conditions of the goods and the commitment to purchase used inverters, and how to test and test the products.
  • Receive liquidation and purchase of new and old inverters across the country via courier services and the collection of cash.

The process of purchasing cheap used inverters to liquidate

    • Find out if customers are looking to purchase used inverters at a bargain with regard to capacities, voltage of the brand, or actual machines used by customers. If you are buying to replace an damaged old inverter, you must give us the error code as well as the code for the original inverter to help us decide ahead of time whether to correct the issue or not? The more specific information you can provide the more precise and relevant guidance will be provided by our team based on the actual requirements.
    • Once we have received the information, abientan will offer advice on inexpensive used inverters and will provide specific estimates for every type of inverter to customers who have ready goods or waiting for orders.
    • If you are satisfied with the cost, you’ll be in agreement on other details like delivery and the warranty period.
    • Perform after-sales sales transactions and agreements like technical support, and product warranties in accordance with the agreed time.

What are the main factors that the liquidation of the old inverters rely on?

      • The second is that the cost of the older inverter will be based on its capacity and the voltage. If the voltage is 220V is less expensive than a 380v inverter of similar capacity, because Japanese products sold in cemeteries with 220v are extremely popular. Of course the bigger the capacity of the inverter, the more expensive the cost will be.
      • The next question is: Is the model that comes with the older inverter is it good or not? For instance, a yaskawa mitsubishi fuji the hitachi omron Siemens inverter is going to cost more than delta ls abb schneider Inverters.
      • The condition of the exterior as well as interior, such as the condition on the circuit board can influence the price at which you sell the inverter that was previously used. The more modern the model is, the more expensive it will cost.
      • There are sites that sell used but repaired inverters. These are sold at a low cost, however the properties of electronic items that have been repaired tend to be less durable and therefore, buyers should be cautious before purchasing these items.
      • Additionally, the cost is also dependent on the warranty duration, for instance the warranty of a week will be less expensive than a 3-month to 6 month warranty.
      • For certain central electrical and industrial automation sales, such as the Nhat algae market and the market for raw products, the market for people and the flea market the cost of the old inverter is quite high due to the cost of the building.

What is the best time to buy an inverter that is used and cheap?

Image alt=”Should I purchase a second-hand inverter , or should I not?” data-ll-status=”loaded” src=”×582.jpg”/>
Do I need to buy an used Inverter, or should I not?
      • If your machine is old, but requires an inverter for a short time it is recommended to select used , cheap inverter lines in order to reduce cost.
      • If you are interested in learning about particular inverter lines, you may also consider purchasing an old inverter to use so that you can learn them easily to take in.
      • In certain instances, if you are able to repair the inverter is not feasible due to the damage it is also worth purchasing a new inverter since the repair price is usually the same as purchasing an inverter.
      • Inverters that have too much capacity, it is recommended to select an assortment of new and cheap inverter models that have a warranty to reduce risk since the cost of investment for an inverter with a huge capacity is substantial should be able to be refunded if something happens. The damage will be more costly.

Are second-hand, cheap, inverters that are second hand reliable?

      • When purchasing second-hand inverters, many of you think about whether the inverter you bought is sturdy or not? It is recommended to refer to the below information for more details:
      • The life expectancy of an inverter is determined by the manufacturer and the operating time for the unit, and the recommendations of the seller, therefore you must choose a reliable old inverter supplier to select one that is durable.
      • Additionally, if you purchase types of inverters that are priced too low the longevity of any kind isn’t very long as it’s possible that it is an inverter that has been damaged and is fixed and then is sold by the mechanic.
      • The longevity of the older inverter is also dependent on the installation conditions or the factory.

What should you look for when buying used inverters

Refer to the steps to select the old inverter’s capacity based on the following table. Table of capacity, voltage, and current parameters as per the table below. For instance, if your motor is running 7a and has 220v of voltage it is recommended to select 1.5kW or 2.2kW for the greatest endurance.

Voltage Wattage Electric
300v 220v 3 Phase 0.1kW 100W, 1/8hp and 1/8 horsepower 0.8a
300v 220v 3 Phase 0.2kW 200W 1/4hp 1 horse 1.6a
300v 220v 3 Phase 0.4kW 400W 1/2hp 1 horse 3.0a
300v/220v 3 Phase 0.75kW 750W 1hp 1horse 5a
200v 220v 1 3 phase 1.5kW 2hp 2horses 8a
300v 220v 3 Phase 2.2kW 3hp 3horses 11a
200v 220v 1 3 phase 3.7kW 5hp 5 horses 4kw 5.5hp 5.5 horses 18a
200v 220v 1 3 phase 5.5kW 7.5hp 7.5 horses 25a
300v 220v 3 Phase 7.5kW 10hp, 10 horses 33a
200v 220v 1 3 phase 11.kW, 15HP and 15 Horses 47a
300v 220v 3 Phase 15 kW, 20 horsepower and 20 horses 60a
300v 220v 3 Phase 18.5kW 25hp, 25 horses 75a
300v 220v 3 Phase 32hp 22kW, 30hp 85a
300v 200v 220v 3 Phase 30kW, 40hp and 40 horses 115a
300v, 220v 3 phases 47kW, 50hp and 37HP. 145a
3 phase 380v 400v 0.4kW 400W 1/2hp 1 horse 2 a
3 phase 380v 400v 0.75kW 750W 1hp 1horse 4a
3 phase 380v 400v 1.5kW 2hp 2horses 5a
3 phase 380v 400v 2.2kW 3hp 3horses 7a
3 phase 380v 400v 3.7kW 5hp 5 horses 4kw 5.5hp 5.5 horses 9a
3 phase 380v 400v 5.5kW 7.5hp 7.5 horses 11a
3 phase 380v 400v 7.5kW 10hp, 10 horses 15a
3 phase 380v 400v 11.kW, 15hp and 15 horses 23a
3 phase 380v 400v 15kW, 20hp and 20 horses 31a
3 phase 380v 400v 18.5kW 25hp, 25 horses 39a
3 phase 380v 400v 32hp 22kW, 30hp 45a
3 phase 380v 400v 30kW, 40hp and 40 horses 60a
3 phase 380v 400v 47kW, 50hp and 37 horse power. 75a

The source of low-cost inverters used for liquidation

      • Utilized inexpensive inverters are used. inverters are taken from old scrap machinery that was imported by Japan, Taiwan or Europe Also known as Japanese local garbage bins and cemetery cemetery, as well as dismantled cabinets. They are brand new. Then , test and check the condition with care.
      • The inventory of certain dealers must be sold at a low cost to recover capital. there are a variety of types like new with box or without box.
      • Old , cheap inverters are sourced from the disposal of factory equipment of factories and companies that are in the process of renewal or moving to a new location.
      • Commercial and project customers who are who are in the process of placing orders for inverters are using the wrong model code as well as the wrong voltage capacities, therefore they must liquidate.

Inverter with low-cost design.

      • In addition to the traditional inverter, we also offer several inexpensive inverter models that originate in China and Taiwan with a guarantee of quality and durable so that our customers can purchase and use without worry.
      • New products with complete documents of origin and high quality, like CO-CQ, invoices to customers who are businesses in need of complete and valid documents.
      • The inverters that are sold at a discount are authentic manufactured and distributed in Vietnam. If you purchase one, you’ll be covered by the manufacturer’s standard warranty.
      • Offer a variety of solutions to customers like power saving, PID running close loop vector control of the torque run, and certain electric drive solutions.

Where can I buy and sell used, cheap and reliable inverters

      • If you want to choose a reliable location to purchase or sell inverters used, you should select in accordance with the following guidelines.
      • The first requirement is that the seller has to be truthful and impartial when giving information and status of the product to make it easier for them to select buyers.
      • The third is to assist with the testing of products, and install technical support tools when needed to ensure that customers purchase and use their products with peace of mind.
      • The warranty is valid and there are several after-sales service like delivering and sending garages to customers who request it.
      • We have years of experience purchasing and selling inverters used can satisfy the above requirements.

Sell and buy new and used yaskawa inverters for sale at low costs.

Buy and sell new and used yaskawa inverters at cheap prices
      • Old and new yaskawa inverter is among the most durable brands of inverters that originates from Japan.
      • There are a few discontinued models, including the old yaskawa inverter model 616g5 G7 F7 S7 vs Mini J7 V7.
      • The most popular line of circulating that is available for sale is the a1000 V1000, e1000, J1000.
      • Newly launched yaskawa inverter products include: ga500 ga700.
      • We specialize in the purchase and sale of used inverters from Yaskawa.

Sell and buy old and new Mitsubishi inverters at low costs.

Buy and sell old and new Mitsubishi inverters at cheap prices
      • Old and new Mitsubishi inverter products are among the most known brands.
      • The original Mitsubishi Inverter product range includes: a500 A520 a540 a540 e500 e520 S500 s520 s540 a700 A740 e700 e740, a740 e740 D720 d740 a800 A820 F800 f820 f840.
      • In the case of Mitsubishi inverters the load current that is heavy is typically A series, and the load current will typically be EF as well as S series.
      • Purchase and receive old Mitsubishi inverters.

Sell and buy new and used fuji inverters for affordable prices, then liquidate

Buy and sell new and used fuji inverters at cheap prices
      • The new and used inverters from Fuji are utilized by a variety of machine makers and companies in Vietnam since the cost is generally competitive due to the fact that the manufacturing facility is in China as well as Thailand.
      • The main products of the fuji inverter line include the frenic multi mini, Ace micro mega eco ACE Aoua HVAC Lift.
      • The inverter series from the old Fuji includes: 5000G11S 5000P11S FVR C11S 500MS5 FESPAC FVR-5 G11S/P11S G9S/P9S FVR E9S.
      • Service for buying and selling used inverters from Fuji.

Sell and buy new and used inverters from Hitachi at a bargain cost.

      • The new and old Hitachi inverters are of decent quality however, the cost is still quite high and the demand isn’t as high.
      • The lines of the past which are frequently visible include the following: sj100, l200 SJ100, SJ200, SJ300, SJ700 and SJ700 Wj200 X200, L300P, Nj600B.
      • The latest newline is : WJ200, sj700d, and ne-s1.
      • New product launch: P1 series.
      • Where can I buy used Hitachi inverters.

Sell and buy used and brand new panasonic inverters at a bargain price

      • The most notable feature that distinguishes the older and the new panasonic Inverters is the fact that it typically has a tiny capacity of under 10hp, or even less.
      • Certain of the older brands were sold under the name Nais before being changed into the brand panasonic.
      • The product lines include: VF-0 C VF-C VF 200 VF-CE VF-7E VF-7 VF-8X VF-8Z VF0.
      • We specialize in the purchase and sale of used inverters from panasonic.

Sell and buy old and new Omron inverters for a low cost

      • Its feature that distinguishes the older and the new omron inverter is its excellent durability because it was recently processed by a few Japanese inverter manufacturers like Yaskawa and Hitachi So there are instances where you can see the form of the omron’s inverter exactly the same. like yaskawa or hitachi inverters.
      • Typically, only in small capacities starting at 10-hp and less.
      • A few of the most popular Omron inverter models are: Omron 3G3JX 3G3RX 3G3MX2 3G3MX 3G3JV 3G3JV 3G3M.
      • Purchase and receive old Omron inverters.

Sell and buy used Toshiba inverters for a low price.

      • Toshiba was formerly associated with shcneider in the production of inverters. Therefore, some products from both companies will have the same appearance and the installation specifications.
      • About the source, Toshiba inverters have 3 manufacturing locations: Japan, Indonesia and China.
      • A few of the most well-known inexpensive used toshiba inverter product lines are the following: VFAS1 VF S15 VF A7 VF S11 V-S7 VF S7 VF PS1 VF FS1 VF A5 VF-A5.
      • Where can I buy used Toshiba inverters.

Sell and buy new Siemens inverters for a low price.

Buy cheap new and used siemens inverters
      • New and old Siemens inverters that are durable and high price are favored by large manufacturing facilities or even projects.
      • The advantages of Siemens inverters generally include excellent communication capabilities, however the drawback is that the layout of setting parameters differs slightly from other Asian Inverter models.
      • siemens inverter product lines include: Siemens sinamics G110 V20 G120C G120 S110 G120P G120D G130 G150 S120 MM420 MM440 MM430.
      • Particularly, the Siemens sinamics V20 inverter line is manufactured in China and has an affordable price.
      • Service for buying and selling used Siemens inverters.

Sell and buy old and new inverters for ls at a bargain cost

      • Inverters of all types, both new and old are manufactured in Korea at very competitive costs, which is why they have the largest market share within Vietnam.
      • The primary products of the ls inverters include: iG5A IP5A IS7 iC5 IG5 IP5.
      • We specialize in the purchase and sale of used Ls inverters.

Sell and buy new delta inverters at bargain costs.

      • The delta inverter from Taiwan was introduced to the Vietnam market very early, and the demand is very high. Additionally, there are several machines that are imported into Vietnam.
      • Regarding price the delta inverter is likely to be somewhere in between the cost for Japanese as well as Chinese inverters, which means there are typically fewer competitors in this market.
      • Its primary product lines are VFD-Cp2000 VFDC2000 VFD- CH2000 VFD-E VFDC200 VFD-EL VFD-M VFD- B VFD-L VFD-S VFD- VE VFD-F MVD3000 MVD2000 MVD1000 The V IED AFE2000 REG2000 HES VFD-VJ VFD-DD The VFD is a VL.
      • You need to purchase an the old delta inverter.

Sell and buy used and new inverters in the inverter market at a bargain cost.

      • They are widely distributed in Vietnam, the Vietnamese market, the older and the new Inverters can be found in a variety of factories and companies.
      • The prices for inverters are always competitive and can be a major factor in the market.
      • A few outstanding ranges of inverters for invt: The GD10 GD20, GD20, GD100, GD200 300 GD35 GD35 CHF100A CHV100 CHV100 ChV110 GD35-07 CHA100 BPJ1 ChV180 GD5000 EC3000 Ec100 ChV190 GD100-01.
      • Where can I purchase and receive old inverters from Inverters.

Selling and buying used inverters to be used in the application

Selling and buying inverters for chains, cranes conveyors, plastic injection molding machines, centrifugal pumps high-pressure water pumps, boilers, industrial blowers, industrial 3-phase motors, 220v 380v. Hoist elevator, textile packaging pneumatic, tower crane rolling, laminating making, laminating, rubber split, split, peeled, cashew, chemical paint, cosmetic, dyeing, textile yarn, fabric, non-filtered suction system cooling tower dust. Lifting device to roll and discharge coils containing adhesive, plastic pellets, recycling, mixing, synchronous motor controller, brush motor, air conditioner, synchronous motor conveyor, freezing, chiller, cold compressing ice, cleaning, sewer treatment plant pumps for water, coal mining, pulling, smelting, sand iron, steel, cement, paper filling, peeling CNC sawing, woodworking HVAC.

Food and beverages, crushing pork and spring rolls, oxygen fans, farming shrimp, fish, chemical dyeing, packing, cold compressing. Rice mill mill spindle cnc chiller spinner blower fan blower textile blast bottling device gravure printer machine, silk laminated coating iron tole xeo coated plastic film coating fabric with chemical cutting saving energy.

Selling and buying used inverters for winding machines made of copper, gravure printing, collection and discharge coils and tension control coils labels and waves, pressed wood and roasted coffee, as well as agriculture products wrapped in circular knitted threads that are woven and wrapped in yarns and then twisted in the exact same speed. Paint coated iron wire pipe thin films pump pump technologies fire pump pump pump with high pressure for sewage treatment mining explosion metallurgy mining prevention hydraulic press for fire control to control the torque of paper cutters Quantitative weighing machine . Stator winding machine ceramic tile screw with printed carton PET bottle blown wire fertilizer animal feed bag cut from nylon packaging.

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