When God Is Silent

Quietness here implies staying silent despite elevated requirements and direness to stand up or act. It is saying nothing and doing nothing when your reaction is required. Perhaps the most troubling minutes throughout everyday life and in confidence isn’t hearing from God when you need him most or when you feel he should act or respond on an issue. Most occasions, it cause you to feel frustrated, deceived, befuddled and can even prompt discouragement and breaking faith if the inclination and circumstance are not expeditiously and appropriately oversaw.


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However, God’s quiet doesn’t generally imply that he has deserted a matter. It doesn’t imply that he is confounded or uncertain. Furthermore, it is additionally not an indication of shortcoming or absence of will to adequately, absolutely oversee and direct every one of the undertakings of men. He is ever sovereign. Yet, he picks his own planning and strategy for activity and mediation. He knows each matter, everything before it starts. He controls it as it exists and he knows how it will at last end. Nothing surprises him. Nothing frenzies him. So he needn’t bother with our planning, feelings or conclusions to take choices. Indeed, we need to discuss those occasions that you don’t get God’s prompt reactions, heading, suppositions or answers to your supplications and assumptions. At the point when you have done all that you ought to and it resembles he isn’t reacting, the circumstance endures and you don’t have the foggiest idea about the following stage to take. I mean when God is quiet and paradise hushes up.

You will concur with me that we can’t examine this point without initial considering the permanent, everlasting expressions of that valiant, splendid, otherworldly, beautiful, relentless and humble however incredible extraordinary King David, “I petition you, O LORD, my stone. Try not to deliberately ignore me. For in the event that you are quiet, I should surrender and bite the dust. Pay attention to my petition for leniency as I shout out to you for help, as I lift my hands toward your blessed safe-haven.” Psalm 28:1-2. Goodness! Did you hear that? This person realizes how to place God in extremely close conditions with his selection of words. No big surprise his supplications are consistently powerful. He adores results. Regardless of whether in the combat zones or on his knees, he designs and executes his activities and words cautiously. Indeed, it is a great idea to hear from a man that has seen everything. He had seen the inexplicable, the exceptional, the tremendous, quick answers and liberations from God. Furthermore, he additionally experienced postponements, reproaches, close deadly, hazardous, denounces and quietness from him. Furthermore, he knew the distinctions. Here, it resembled he frantically required help from above to endure, however it appeared as though paradise was absolutely quiet. However, we should first momentarily take a gander at the occasions he delighted in quick reactions before we return to the peaceful periods. Is that alright with you?

At the point when the Philistines heard that David had been delegated ruler of Israel, they accompanied their whole armed force to catch him, yet David ran into his fortification and from that point he called upon the LORD. God replied and gave him triumph over the Philistines. Sooner or later, they returned and again God gave Israel triumph. The adversary will consistently attempt to return, so consistently be ready. Then, at that point, after the demise of Saul and Jonathan, David asked from the LORD and the LORD advised him to move back to Judah. Yet, he didn’t stop there. He moved further by requesting that the specific city settle and the LORD advised him, “Hebron!” Wow! He generally needs to know the distinct psyche of God even in the minutest issues. Also, it was there that the men of Judah came to crown him their lord. At the point when you move with God’s course you will be delegated. Valid. At the point when the Amalekites assaulted, consumed Ziklag and removed youngsters and spouses of David and his men, he cried unto God and the LORD advised him to pursue the looters that he will doubtlessly recuperate all that was taken from him. Furthermore, he did. He likewise cried urgently ordinarily for God to shield him from the rampaging disturbed King Saul. David consistently got quick reaction from paradise.

Be that as it may, at a point this phenomenal relationship soured. Also, I accept that was the point at which the ruler thought of a portion of those contacting Psalms that will obviously show the condition of a man that was separated and urgently required a hint of that unique sweet relationship with his producer. God looked quiet; paradise looked fixed when our cherished David was going through the most difficult times of his life. He supplicated, cried, apologized however the series of setbacks essentially would not break. One of his adored children Amnon assaulted his stepsister. Another favored ‘delightful’ child Absalom killed the attacker and went on banish. He from that point started to arrange for how to topple his dad. He later succeeded, drove David away from the seat and out of Jerusalem, took his nearest counsels and relates and surprisingly assaulted his dad’s spouses openly. The reckless Absalom was all out to clear out his dad’s life and inheritance. At a time the once extraordinary, blessed, lofty David wearing rough clothing and sobbing said he was vanishing into the wild. My God! Tears. Every one of these happened to the man after God’s heart since paradise has chosen to be quiet over his undertakings. Presently you actually can’t help thinking about why he shouted “O LORD save me. Kindly don’t be quiet in case I surrender and bite the dust.” And he was correct. Indeed, if God doesn’t come to assist us with timing, there will be not kidding inconvenience. We might be enticed to surrender or even die all the while. Does God appear to be quiet on you and your circumstance now? It may not be out of your error, yet you just unexpectedly discover that nothing is pushing ahead in your life once more. We will proceed.

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